26 juillet 2021

Centre de plongée Blue Note Cozumel, Mexique

Scuba dive center BLUE NOTE, PADI diving resort Cozumel Mexico

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Blue Note, French dive center in Cozumel, Mexico

Discover the team of Blue Note scuba-diving center in Cozumel

Blue Note Team
Blue Note team

Motivated by the same passion which is scuba-diving, our Franco-Mexican team has one and only goal: enable you to discover COZUMEL in the Caribbean Sea. Discover its wonderful reefs, the amazing view from 40 up to 80 meters deep into its turquoise and transparent waters, as well as the stunning wildlife of its marine park.

Blue Note was created in 1995 and nowadays it's run by Claudine and Gérard Engel.

On board Captain Gaspard and the sailor Raul will drop you really near the most wonderful diving sites of our Caribbean island, to make you discover the reefs of the second biggest Barrier Reef in the world.

Our boat, the CHA KAY

Another key element to get the most out of your stay is our boat, the CHA KAY, which is different from any other. Really comfortable (sundeck, toilets) and spacious, it will take you to the different diving sites with nothing for you to worry about.

Friendliness and pleasure, as well as a safe practice of scuba-diving as a leisure are the key words which motivate  our whole team.