26 juillet 2021

Centre de plongée Blue Note Cozumel, Mexique

Scuba dive center BLUE NOTE, PADI diving resort Cozumel Mexico

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Training with Blue Note

Training with Blue Note

BLUE NOTE, the school that makes you eager to learn

In an enjoyable vacation atmosphere, you will have the possibility to attend a PADI training adapted to all levels from initiation to DIVE MASTER
BLUE NOTE’s experienced team is proud of its successful teaching methods and offers an educational welcome grounded on the diver as well as a top-of-the-range material structure.

We offer a full panel of certification courses, with very personalized formulas and a maximum of 2 divers per instructor.

Padi Training

Discover Scuba diving in one dive

Discover Scuba diving in one dive

If you have never dived, try anyway in absolute secure conditions and discover the underwater world. On the menu, an introduction with the minimum you need to know about theoretical diving, a few exercises in a safe area and to make it concrete, a supervised reef dive.
Two divers maximum

Referral Open Water Diver

If you have already validated the theoretical part of the "Open Water Diver" course at home, come and enjoy the warm and turquoise Caribbean Sea to complete your training in 4 dives.

Scuba Diver Course

You enjoyed your maiden dive, unfortunately you don't have enough time to get your “Open Water Diver” certification.  We propose to improve thanks to a few exercises in a protected environment what is explained in chapters 1 to 3 of open water and 2 sea dives.  After that, you will get your very first diver certification
Two divers maximum.

Open Water Diver Course

You would like to become a certified diver and to undergo unbelievable experiences?  Open Water Diver is the formula you need.  A certified instructor will personally supervise you.
The program consists of 5 theoretical sessions- 5 training sessions in a protected environment and 4 sea dives among which 2 from the boat. 
Two divers maximum.

Advanced Open Water Course

Come and enjoy beautiful dives in Cozumel and get your Open Water Diver certification.  This program will enable you to acquire new skills securely and easily.  The Deep water and Orientation dives parts are mandatory, and according to your feeling you can choose from different options such as Wrecks, Multi Levels, Computer, Perfectioning of Floatability,  Initiation to Enriched Air, Under water Naturalism, Night Dives to complete your training. Once certified, you will be qualified to dive at 100 ft.

Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox)

Enriched air will enable you not only to master your diving profile,  increase the length of your dives  without decompression, and will enable you to do more technical dives such as Tek dives.  This certification will teach you all that you need to know about using mixed air containing up to 40% oxygen.

Rescue Diver Course

Learn how to react to diving emergencies. This technical program lasts 5 days and includes a theoretical part, a session in a protected environment, and multiple sessions in natural environment.

Scuba review

If you haven't dived for months and you need to refresh your abilities and techniques.  This program consists of a short video, followed by a session in a protected environment, and a sea dive at a maximum of 40 ft.  Just what you need to feel comfortable !

E.F.R. (Emergency First Response)

No matter if you are a diver or not, we are all concerned by First Aid.  During 2 days, come and learn the gestures that can save, in a serious but relaxed atmosphere.

First Aid certification up to date (less than 2 years) is required to be able to get Rescue Diver certification, Dive master and Assistant instructor.

Dive Master Course

padi dive master formation blue note cozumel mexico

You must accumulate rescue diver certification plus 60 dives to be certified.  You will learn how to supervise a group of divers, to guide divers through gardens of coral and assist efficiently an instructor during his/her course. Each candidate has different reasons to become a Dive Master. Once certified, you will be qualified to work as a dive master, according to regulations in effect.
If you would like to learn the tips and tricks, please contact us, and we'll share our long-term experience. 
Minimum age of 18.

Specialisation courses

Come and enrich your skills and knowledge in different fields but that are common to the underwater world and to mastering technical skills securely.  Courses are 2-5 days long depending on the specialty course chosen.
By accumulating  5 specialties, you can obtain the highest level in leisure divingMaster Scuba Diver
Prices on demand according to the specialty.

We would like to mention that all the learning material (books, notebooks etc) is mandatory and you will have the possibility to buy them on site. Complete diving equipment is included in the price of the courses