26 juillet 2021

Centre de plongée Blue Note Cozumel, Mexique

Scuba dive center BLUE NOTE, PADI diving resort Cozumel Mexico

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Our diving offers in Cozumel

Discover different type of dives with Blue Note Cozumel

We propose different types of individual or group dives to certified divers.
For non-certified divers, we organise various sets of training adapted to your profile.

The dives in Cozumel

We leave everyday from the Marina La Caleta where our boat the CHA KAY is anchored.

La Caleta is located at the entrance of the marine park and offers a direct access to the diving spots. We usually leave at 9.00 for two successive dives.

Between two dives we offer lunch to the divers, snorkelers and passengers. We usually come back early in the afternoon, for the vacationers to be able to enjoy the beauties of Cozumel as much as possible.

Exploration aboard the CHA KAY

Exploration dives in Cozumel are mostly drift dives in the current accessible to all levels.

However, if you have not dived in a long time, a “readjustment” dive will be proposed  to regain confidence,  and to enable your instructor to find out your profile and to provide comfortable conditions and optimal security.

Night dives

There are multiple good reasons to get interested in night dives:  natural curiosity at first, just because you're eager to try it.

Observing marine life and  wildlife which are particularly interesting at night. It is also possible to watch some species of fish that only feed at night.  Watching fish sleeping is particularly interesting as well.

Deep dives

For experienced divers only, you'll dive in Maracaïbo / Punta Sur or in the northern part of the island during winter time to observe eagle rays.
You'll probably be able to see different sharks species. These dives are for experienced divers only, that's why the reef is very rich and completely unused.