17 juin 2021

Centre de plongée Blue Note Cozumel, Mexique

Scuba dive center BLUE NOTE, PADI diving resort Cozumel Mexico

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The reefs

Discover coral reefs in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea

Cozumel Island Reefs Mexico - padi dive center
Diving with Blue Note Cozumel means more particularly exploring two different types of coral formations
  • Tower-shaped  pinnacles at the edge of the wall which can reach 55 m deep. Those formations are mainly located in the South of the island, Palancar, Columbia, Punta Sur and Maracaïbo reefs  being the perfect examples
  • white-sanded bottoms reefs such as  Colombia shallows, Paraïso, Yucab.
Between those, foothills and trenches form shallow reefs, colonized by lots of coral fish : Paso del Cedral, Punta Dalila, La Francesa. Not to be forgotten more traditional and colorful drop-offs such as Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Punta Tunich, etc...

Wreck dives in Cozumel

Wreck lovers will be able to explore the Felipe XICOTENANTL, a minesweeper which sunk in June 2000 and equipped to guarantee a safe diving.

Dives in Cozumel outside the marine park

Spots on the northern part of the island, outside the marine park, need to be paid special attention to. Strong and unexpected currents are part of everyday life. There you very often meet pelagic fish: San Juan, Eagle Ray Wall, Barracuda.