17 juin 2021

Centre de plongée Blue Note Cozumel, Mexique

Scuba dive center BLUE NOTE, PADI diving resort Cozumel Mexico

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BLUE NOTE : scuba dive center Cozumel, Mexico

PADI scuba diving resort, Mexican Caribbean Sea

Cozumel, unique island !

Jacques-Yves Cousteau
has described it as one of the ten most beautiful sites for scuba diving.

But what do you really know about Cozumel?
cozumel scuba diving center PADI caribbean sea cozumel mexico

Located in the Mexican Caribbean Sea, opposite the Riviera Maya, Cozumel offers to all-level divers more than 25 miles of reefs that belong to the second largest great barrier coral reef in the world.  Palancar, Santa Rosa, Punta Sur, Paso del Cedral, Paraiso...

Its crystal clear waters makes them a real heaven for photographers. Its tower shaped coral structures are different from everything you may have seen elsewhere.

All year long you will be able to explore sumptuous sea beds and you will discover a unique sea life, as its located in a marine park.

Alone, with your family or in groups, Blue Note Padi Dive Resort, our franco-mexican dive center will welcome you and make you discover Cozumel and its amazing diving spots.

Take the time to visit our website where you'll find all the information useful to prepare your next scuba-diving holiday in Cozumel, Mexico.

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